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We offer a variety of programs and services that are always offered free of charge. We do not make referrals for abortions. Our purpose is to support, encourage, and assist a woman in carrying her pregnancy to term and caring for her baby after birth. We also support improved pregnancy outcomes, family stability, and economic self-sufficiency.

Services include:

  • Facilitation of Pregnancy Tests
  • Ultrasound Referrals and Education
  • Healthy Boundaries & Self-Esteem Education
  • Referrals for Prenatal Care & Maternity Housing
  • Education: Prenatal, Child Birth, Breastfeeding, Infant Care, Parenting, Life Skills, Father’s Rights & Responsibilities
  • Individualized, Incentive Driven Program
  • Adoption Resources
  • Education & Employment Referrals
  • Car Seat & Crib Programs for Qualifying Clients


We also provide accurate information, referral and assistance with securing additional necessary services that enable women to carry their pregnancies to term and care for their babies after birth. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Care
  • Nutrition Services
  • Housing Assistance
  • Adoption Services
  • Education and Employment Assistance, including services that support the continuation and completion of high school
  • Parenting Education and Support Services
  • Abstinence Education